pondělí 6. ledna 2020

Christmas Outfits (Dec 2018 + Dec 2019)

Oh yeah! NEW YEAR and I am blogging again!
(Let's see how long I will keep up posting frequently this time...)

Today I would like to share few Christmas and Winter themed outfits, which I wore for our lovely Christmas Lolita Meetups!

Christmas Lolita Meetup in Prague 2018
This is probably the prettiest christmas outfit I have ever made.

Skirt: handmade by me
Everything else: offbrand

Christmas Lolita Meetup in Olomouc 2018
...but of course I can't wear the same outfit twice, no matter how pretty it is!
So trying to be creative, with my small closet, keeping the dark brown x red combination...
(but not so well done this time :( )

Earrings: Charlotte

Christmas Lolita Meetup in Olomouc 2019
There aren't many occassions when I can wear a full white outfit,
but I got this beautiful white dress in a lucky pack,
so the theme of my outfit was: "Snowflake".

Dress: lucky pack from My lolita dress
Blouse: from taobao
+ some plastic snowflake decorative chains

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