pondělí 26. listopadu 2018

#6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita

1 / Vests. This is such a great item for making many coordinates! I prefer wearing skirts in lolita, so vests adds a lot to the outfit.

More under cut!

2 / Petticoat.
3 / Bloomers.
4 / Pretty blouse.                                 
These are the basic essentials. I can't imagine a lolita who can live without them!

5 / Pearl necklace. Such a simple accessory, yet it adds so much beauty to every Classic Lolita look!
6 / Flower pins. Easy to arrange in every hair style. I have many flowers of different colors and sizes, so I can mix a perfect match for every outfit.
7 / Brooches. It's great how versatile this accessory is. I mostly wear it on the front top of a blouse, but sometimes I put it also on my vest, on my hat, on my collar... anywhere where I see an empty space that needs to "add something"!

8 / Beautiful AND comfortable shoes. It must be both, otherwise it can't be in my wardrobe!
9 / Pearl wirstbands. I got many different as a gift from lovely Mitsu, and this is such an amazing accessory!
10 / Community. I would feel so sad and lonely without it...

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