pátek 28. února 2020

#7 10 people who inspire your lolita style

1 / Yumi Fujiwara. She is the designer of japanese fashion brand Innocent World. For me, she is the most inspirational role model ever. Everything about her is just "wow, I wish I could be like that, too". Her delicate fashion style. Her hard work. Her very elegant behaviour. How she decorates her work place. How she loves to travel through old european towns. She is just magical.
Interview with her:

pátek 21. února 2020

New wardrobe #2 my current wardrobe II

I have a lot of small accessories.
Many of them were gifts (this is the type of gift I always appreciate).
I love making different outfits and accessories are the great finishing touch.
Beauty hides in the little adorable details 
#2 my current wardrobe (clothes / accessories)
#3 what shall I buy? 

pátek 14. února 2020

New wardrobe #2 my current wardrobe I

I have been wearing lolita fashion for about... 14 years now.
You would think I must have an enormous closet, right?
Well, no. Not at all.
#2 my current wardrobe (clothes / accessories)
#3 what shall I buy? 

pátek 7. února 2020

Outfits (Jan 2020)

A trip to Ostrava, meeting with friends.
blouse: Innocent World + dress: handmade + blue cardigan: Reserved

Outfit for an afternoon in church.
blouse: Innocent World + sweather: Orsay + skirt: Porcelain Doll + boots: CCC

Sunday outfit. 
cardigan: Reserved + skirt: Porcelain Doll + boots: CCC

Outfit for Bring&Buy in Olomouc.
blouse: Innocent World + cardigan: Metamorphose + skirt: Porcelain Doll + earrings: Sleeping Beauty

A trip with my husband to the city, shopping and so on...
blouse: innocent world + dress: Infanta