pátek 21. února 2020

New wardrobe #2 my current wardrobe II

I have a lot of small accessories.
Many of them were gifts (this is the type of gift I always appreciate).
I love making different outfits and accessories are the great finishing touch.
Beauty hides in the little adorable details 
#2 my current wardrobe (clothes / accessories)
#3 what shall I buy? 

It's up to you to decide, which kind of hair accessories are comfortable for you & suits you.
For me that's berets. I love how they look with my face. I love that I can style the front with other accessories to finish the look. And they are so comfy!

Wearing flowers in hair is my expression of happiness.
Flowers can transform even a simple hairstyle into something fairy-tale.
I need more flowers - but it's quite hard to find a really nice, good quality flowers.

Hair accessories
Barrettes & pins.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings!
This is something pretty I can wear even if I wear some home-only casual outfit.
A pair of earrings is a PERFECT gift for me. 
(And, you see? I still have plenty space on my carousel!)


This is one amazing kind of accessory.
Because you can pin it anywhere!
On a blouse, on a collar, on a hat, on a jacket...


Little bows
Bows I got usually as a gift - from friends or as a part of a dress / blouse.
But seriously? This is great kind of lolita accessory, and I need more of them!
I need to make many of them in my favourite colors.

I think I need more belts.

Uhg. I saved this for the last, because... I have so many!
I store the chain necklaces in plastic zip-bags.
It's not pretty, but the chains tends to tangle and noone want to un-tangle a pile of 30+ necklaces, right? :D


And that's it, folks! :D
(No, I think I have even more, there is somewhere a box with broken accessories I need to repair, few things might be at my mum's home, and you know, maybe I forgot about something :D)

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