sobota 27. října 2018

Vranov nad Dyjí (Aug 2018)

Little background story:
That day was the last day of convention Advik in Prague, where I was with the booth. So afternoon I traveled 280 km back to Olomouc, just put bags in the shop and change cars and then went another 160 km to Vranov for this photoshoot.

It was a very hot tiring summer day, and I didn't even had a moment to re-do my makeup, hair or change clothes. This is literally my everyday lolita outfit - I didn't have time to make anything special, unfortunately. We almost didn't make it for the night visit of the castle (we were the very last visitors). I was so tired I even forgot I am still wearing the Advík wristband XD Stupid me.

Eventhou it was a very long day, the lit castle in the midle of night was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Many thanks goes to Michal Pospíšil, who organized this event. 
He was also the photographer.

neděle 21. října 2018

Victorian Catherine's Picnic Prague (Aug 2018)

It was a very hot summer day!
In the morning I visited a cat cafe, so I wore a cat brooche that day :3

Parasol: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Dress: handmade by me
Cat brooche: gift from lovely Project Bokkaku

A mechanical doll. She was so gorgeous! 

A photo with Max and Catherine. They had a wedding few days before the picnic.
She is wearing her handmade victorian wedding dress. So very beautiful!
Good luck to the happy couple! <3

čtvrtek 11. října 2018

Picnic (Aug 2018)

A memory of hot summer day... and a lovely picnic in a botanical garden.

My outfit:
Blouse: found in trift store

středa 3. října 2018

Advik Fashion Show (Aug 2018)

A fashion show at Advik - an introdution of lolita and harajuku styles.
It was extremely hot that day, but we still did our best with the outfits.

My style was Classic Lolita.
Blouse & vest: trift store (second hand)