pátek 24. srpna 2018

Cosples (Feb 2018)

From Cosples, the cosplay ball!
We had a fashion show there.
I was wearing a new Porcelain Doll skirt (handmade by me).
You can still buy it here ;-)

neděle 19. srpna 2018

Start of blogging again - NOW! :D

Hi! (^_^)

I am sorry I wasn't very active here lately. But that will change now!

The beginning of the year was slow, so till the end of March I had time to write this blog.
But then... well... life got a bit crazy... Animefest happened and many many other events followed! Sometimes I didn't even had enough time to sleep.

Unfortunately I am still without a working computer. I am, like, using 5 different devices: 2 are very old, crazy slow, and almost nothing runs there. The other 3 are not even mine, but I can borrow them sometimes. Some has no printer. Some has no Internet. Some can't run programs I need. Some is in different town... It's crazy.

I am doing what I can to get on the Internet sometimes, answer messages (when I have time, which is not often), but unfortunately it was almost impossible to blog and maintain eshop. For what I am very sorry.

But that will change now! New computer is on the way! :D
I have so many projects and plans in my head, but all require a working computer.
New era of my life begins! Stay tuned! (^_^)

Porcelain Doll Pierrette