pondělí 26. listopadu 2018

#6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita

1 / Vests. This is such a great item for making many coordinates! I prefer wearing skirts in lolita, so vests adds a lot to the outfit.

More under cut!

středa 14. listopadu 2018

čtvrtek 8. listopadu 2018

# 5 – 10 items from your wishlist

Most lolitas have "dream dresses" - a certain print dresses they love and search for.
I do not have that.
I prefer non-print dresses, and I prefer handmade clothes.
I do not have a wishlist. But I have a folder with saved pictures of dresses which I really really liked.
Have a look under the cut ;-)

pátek 2. listopadu 2018

Halloween (Oct 2018)

My outfit for a Halloween Party.
I am a ghost of a girl who was killed.

Dress - Innocent World

sobota 27. října 2018

Vranov nad Dyjí (Aug 2018)

Little background story:
That day was the last day of convention Advik in Prague, where I was with the booth. So afternoon I traveled 280 km back to Olomouc, just put bags in the shop and change cars and then went another 160 km to Vranov for this photoshoot.

It was a very hot tiring summer day, and I didn't even had a moment to re-do my makeup, hair or change clothes. This is literally my everyday lolita outfit - I didn't have time to make anything special, unfortunately. We almost didn't make it for the night visit of the castle (we were the very last visitors). I was so tired I even forgot I am still wearing the Advík wristband XD Stupid me.

Eventhou it was a very long day, the lit castle in the midle of night was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Many thanks goes to Michal Pospíšil, who organized this event. 
He was also the photographer.

neděle 21. října 2018

Victorian Catherine's Picnic Prague (Aug 2018)

It was a very hot summer day!
In the morning I visited a cat cafe, so I wore a cat brooche that day :3

Parasol: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Dress: handmade by me
Cat brooche: gift from lovely Project Bokkaku

A mechanical doll. She was so gorgeous! 

A photo with Max and Catherine. They had a wedding few days before the picnic.
She is wearing her handmade victorian wedding dress. So very beautiful!
Good luck to the happy couple! <3

čtvrtek 11. října 2018

Picnic (Aug 2018)

A memory of hot summer day... and a lovely picnic in a botanical garden.

My outfit:
Blouse: found in trift store

středa 3. října 2018

Advik Fashion Show (Aug 2018)

A fashion show at Advik - an introdution of lolita and harajuku styles.
It was extremely hot that day, but we still did our best with the outfits.

My style was Classic Lolita.
Blouse & vest: trift store (second hand)

Photo: p@trick.cz

čtvrtek 13. září 2018

Kroměříž (Jul 2018)

A lovely trip to town Kroměříž and its beautiful gardens!

My outfit:
Blouse: trift store
Skirt: Porcelain Doll
Parasol: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

sobota 1. září 2018

That day, 31.8.2018

♦ It was Friday! And every Friday, I travel to Olomouc to be in the lolita shop :-)
♦ Today I was doing an inventory list. I had to check every single product in the shop. Then I was taking some photos and measurements - I will put new items on the e-shop soon!
♦ In the evening we went with friends to a tea house Kratochvíle - I wanted to talk with the owner about Bring & Buy event, we are planning there! And, of course, it was the perfect occasion to have a goooood black tea - Lapsang Souchong was my choice. Yes. I LOVE the darkest weirdest teas.
♦ It was still hot summer, so my choice was a summer lolita outfit. Blouse from Orsay, skirt made by Madame Muffin.
♦ Byl pátek! A každý pátek cestuji do Olomouce, abych den strávila v lolita obchůdku :-)
♦ Dnes jsem dělala inventuru. Musela jsem zkontrolovat úplně každý produkt. A pak jsem některé nafotila a změřila - brzy dám nové věci na e-shop!♦ Večer jsme šli s přáteli do čajovny Kratochvíle - chtěla jsem si promluvit s panem majitelem ohledně Bring & Buy bazaru, který chystáme! A, samozřejmě, skvělá příležitost dát si vynikající čaj - Lapsang Souchong byla má volba. Ano. MILUJI ty nejtemnější nejdivnější čaje.
♦ Stále bylo parné léto, takže jsem zvolila letní lolita outfit. Halenka z Orsay, sukni vyrobila Madame Muffin.

pátek 24. srpna 2018

Cosples (Feb 2018)

From Cosples, the cosplay ball!
We had a fashion show there.
I was wearing a new Porcelain Doll skirt (handmade by me).
You can still buy it here ;-)

neděle 19. srpna 2018

Start of blogging again - NOW! :D

Hi! (^_^)

I am sorry I wasn't very active here lately. But that will change now!

The beginning of the year was slow, so till the end of March I had time to write this blog.
But then... well... life got a bit crazy... Animefest happened and many many other events followed! Sometimes I didn't even had enough time to sleep.

Unfortunately I am still without a working computer. I am, like, using 5 different devices: 2 are very old, crazy slow, and almost nothing runs there. The other 3 are not even mine, but I can borrow them sometimes. Some has no printer. Some has no Internet. Some can't run programs I need. Some is in different town... It's crazy.

I am doing what I can to get on the Internet sometimes, answer messages (when I have time, which is not often), but unfortunately it was almost impossible to blog and maintain eshop. For what I am very sorry.

But that will change now! New computer is on the way! :D
I have so many projects and plans in my head, but all require a working computer.
New era of my life begins! Stay tuned! (^_^)

Porcelain Doll Pierrette