sobota 24. března 2018

#4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

1 / Sushi. I love the most the sushi with avocado.

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I was not raised as a vegetarian, but now I prefer vegetarian food.
So, many of my favourite food is vegetarian, but I still have few meat dishes I love (but I eat them very rarely).

2 / Mozarella cheese with tomatoes. In any kind of dish.
3 / Pancakes. Both sweet and non-sweet.
4 / Pizza. The basic Margarita is my favourite.

5 / Fried bread in eggs. The super easy and super cheap dish. I love it more than anything XD
6 / Faency fries. It's a czech fast food with fries with delicious dips. The best fries ever!
7 / Fried cheese.

The last three favourites are like the most typical czech foods:
8 / Svíčková. I prefer just the delicious sauce with the delicious dumplings, without the beef. If you ever visit Czech republic, you just have to try it!
9 / Fried cauliflower.
10 / Baked duck with sauerkraut. My grandparents had a yard with many, many ducks... so everytime we visited, we had this dish for dinner. It's a meal that reminds me of my childhood.

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