pátek 28. února 2020

#7 10 people who inspire your lolita style

1 / Yumi Fujiwara. She is the designer of japanese fashion brand Innocent World. For me, she is the most inspirational role model ever. Everything about her is just "wow, I wish I could be like that, too". Her delicate fashion style. Her hard work. Her very elegant behaviour. How she decorates her work place. How she loves to travel through old european towns. She is just magical.
Interview with her:

2 / Misako Aoki. She is japanese kawaii fashion ambassador and the most famous lolita model. She truly loves lolita fashion and lives for it. Her style is so beautiful and elagant, and so is her behaviour. Her instagram and youtube is very inspirational, not just for the fashion style, but for the lolita lifestyle as well.

3 / Briz Blossom. She is a mexican kawaii ambassador. I love how she plays with the coordinates. She looks fabulous in any look! And I love her smile. There is something vibrant about her, which brings me happiness everytime I see her photos.

4 / Copetillo Arts. She is a lolita living in Japan, mostly known for he beautiful art. Her art is a big inspiration, but she inspired me also because of her completely handmade closet. That is just - wow! =O The most beautiful closet post I have ever seen, and all is handmade! =O

5 / Liz Lisa. Well, not a person, it's a japanese fashion brand. But they are so inspirational for me! The natural everyday style and still a very cute style. And I absolutely love their Instagram photos.

6 / Minori. A japanese shironuri artist. She reminds me how wearing extravagant fashion on a daily basis is a form of high art.

7 / Reina R. Rin. My friend from the czech lolita community. She is really gorgeous lolita, fashion designer and artist. She made the scenario for our big fashion shows on Animefest (on video), she also made many of the dresses on that fashion show. I am in awe how much one person can create, and how beautiful it can be. Right now she is not on social media, so I link only to the Bara no Usagi project, which she takes big part in.

8 / Midori Fukasawa. She is a lolita from Japan, and a famous model. She has such a cute and elegant style!

9 / Kiyohari. She is a lolita from China. She is the most P.E.R.F.E.C.T. lolita with the cutest photos!

10 / Joëlle. She is a lolita from Switzerland, owner of the brand Fluffy Tori and a youtuber. I absolutely love her youtube channel - how she travels and interviews lolitas all over the world, how she visites all kind of lolita events. She treasures the lolita community, her motto is "everybody can be kawaii" and she works hard for her brand. She is such an inspiring person!
Fluffy Tori | youtube | instagram | facebook

There are so many beautiful lolitas I watch on youtube, instagram, and so on...
But I've chosen only these 10 which I find the most inspirational.
The people who managed something what I can only dream about...

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