pátek 31. ledna 2020

New wardrobe #1 declutter

Right now I am in situation where I need drastically re-make my wardrobe.
So, welcome to a miniseries of wardrobe-themed articles!
#1 declutter
#2 my current wardrobe
#3 what shall I buy?
My wardrobe after decluttering.

The situation "I have nothing to wear" happens very often.
My body changed a little after pregnancy. (I can't fit into some items.)
Some of my clothes are rather "worn down", because I wore them a lot.
I want to wear less black and more color.
I want to re-define my lolita style into elegant Classic/Sweet.

Items that must go BYE BYE
Everything that doesn't fit.
Short skirts above knees.
Floor-length skirts (they are impractical).
Sleeveless blouses and tops (I don't like bare shoulders).
Colors which doesn't suit me.
Uncomfortable items (like corsets).
Shoes I rarely wear because of the color / design.
Worn-down items.
Vests which I can't wear with lolita.

I used the konmari method to declutter my wardrobe.
1. Take everything out of the closets (I mean EVERY piece of clothing you own). And put it on one pile, so you see how many items you own.
2. Take every item into your hands and decide, if it "sparks joy". If yes, keep it. If no, give thanks to the item and sell it / give it to charity.

This was pretty easy for me. I was very unhappy with my closet situation, so about 1/3 of my closet went bye bye without a second thought. Here is the pile of the items I am going to sell:

I don't mind having few "special items" which I wear only once a year. But for the majority of my lolita closet, I want it to be made of items which are comfortable and practical for everyday wear and easy to mix and match. I love making all kind of different outfits! I'll tell you more in the upcoming articles ;-)

Some items for sale here on my VINTED.

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