sobota 11. ledna 2020

Review of year 2019

This year was lifechanging.
I closed the lolita shop in Olomouc.
My first baby was born.
I had my confirmation ceremony.

In December 2018 I found out that I am pregnant. I was feeling very happy about these miraculous news! But, my body didn't take it very well. You've probably heard about the "morning sickness" of a pregnant women... well, mine was not "morning" but "permanent". And I was feeling very sick nonstop for 6 months.

I decided to close the shop, because I wouldn't be able to work at all for some time, and it would be unwise to pay the rent for a closed shop and unfair to the brands if their products would only collect dust. But before I shipped everything back, I decided on a lot of sales, so my dear customers could get a lot of lolita items on a big discount (the biggest I could afford). I would also like to thank my friend Leona, who had the idea about organising many Bring&Buy events in front of the shop. She really helped me!

January-March 2019 - Last lolita events in the Porcelain Doll shop

March 2019 - I closed the Porcelain Doll shop

May 2019 - Animefest
The only sale event I went this year was Animefest. I was there only half a day, but I was still so happy to be there and meet all my friends, event for a little while.
The other days, my dear lovely friends were taking care of the cute lolita booth :D

And here is the amazing Lolita Fashion Show, which I didn't attend personally (I was promised to play Juliet, but sadly, visibly pregnant Juliet would not be the perfect contrapart for Romeo :D So I missed a once-a-life chance, sob). I still made two outfits for the show (at 4:25) and I am very proud of Reina (who made the show) and my beautiful models Hoples and Yamato.

August 2019 - My baby boy Artur was born
The pregnancy might not be easy, but I was surprised how much it changed me inside. I have never felt filled with love so much, it was overwhelming to tears. And this strong feeling of love still continues. 

October 2019 - Confirmation
I was preparing for this christian sacrament for more than two years. It is my confirmation of christening, something like becoming spiritually an adult. (Czech term is "biřmování".)

October 2019 - Halloween
After many months without lolita meetups (I missed this so much! And wearing lolita too!) I could finally meet my friends again during autumn time.

November 2019 - Welcoming baby to the town
And it was his 99th birthsday, too! :D

December 2019 - Christening of my baby
Ok, that is the last baby photo in this post, I promise! I don't want to flood this blog with baby images, but these moments were very important for me, so I want to include them in the year review. (I promised this blog will stay fashion-centered.)

December 2019 - Christmas Lolita Meetup in Olomouc
And a sweet ending to this wonderful year. I was very surprised - sweet Salome (right on the photo) made a beautiful skirt for me! I hope to make a beautiful coord with it soon! Thank you again, dear Salome, I will always cherish it!

Oh yeah, this year was wonderful. So much changed for the better in my life! I changed for the better, too. But it was also a very hard year. (I even cried myself to sleep few times... this didn't happen for many many years. I felt literally on my bottom. Pregnancy hormones are *****.) It taught me so much. How precious is everything you love doing. Simple things like "taking a good hot bath", "dressing nicely for the day", "enjoying your food", "meeting with friends", "walking on shoes with heels", "going out", "sewing all day", "drinking my favourite black tea", "tight embrace with my husband" - I couldn't do anything from this list and I missed it very much.

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  1. Milá Pet, teda to bol náročný rok plný veľkých udalostí! gratulujem ti k birmovke :) a som veľmi šťastná, že ťa darček potešil, robila som ju s radosťou, tak snáď sa bude dobre nosiť :)