pondělí 5. února 2018

#1 - 10 things about your lolita bubble.

To have enough topics to write about, I decided to make the 30 Day Lolita Challenge. Eventhou - I won't write one topic per day, but 1-2 topics per month. So I have something to blog about for the whole year, yay! :D

Under the cut you can read about me and my lolita world. When did I started wearing this fashion? Why don't I wear wigs anymore? What styles do I prefer? Answers under the cut and photos included!

1) I learned about lolita fashion thanks to j-rock music (japanese rock). Since about 2005, I began listen to bands Malice Mizer and Dir en grey. In 2006 I went to their concert in Berlin - and I saw there real living lolitas for the first time! That was the moment, when I felt absolutely mesmerized by this beautiful fashion - and I just had to wear it too!

Those are the lolitas from the Dir en grey concert. Girls, I don't know who you are, but you were so gorgeous! Lolita fashion was very different in 2005... and even nowdays, I still love "old school" lolita style very much.

2) I made my very first lolita outfit just a few months after - in September 2005. Since then, I started learn more about this fashion, I tried more styles, I found out about japanese brands... and I learned to sew. My very first outfit was this:

3) In 2007 I started my little indie brand - Porcelain Doll. I wanted to make this fashion available to other czech people, too. My biggest dream was to open a lolita shop in the Lost street in baroque town Olomouc - and that wish came true in September 2013! Now I work for it full time.

4) My personal style is Classic and Gothic Lolita. When I don't wear Lolita, I also wear Ouji / Kodona, Aristocrat, Steampunk and Shabby Chic fashion.

5) I like to play with fashion and sometimes I try something new - Decora, Gyaru or Otome fashion. It was nice experience, but I didn't feel "myself" in these styles, so it stayed only as "one day experiments". On this photo I tried "otome fashion":

6) Czech lolita community is like my other family. 90% of my dear friends are part of it!

7) Few years ago I tried wearing wigs with lolita fashion, but now I don't wear wigs at all. Because: 1) It is not comfortable 2) My friends don't recognize me at conventions 3) I feel bad when grandmas on street comment how beautiful long hair I have and I feel stupid telling them it is just a wig!
Some old photos of me with a wig:

Now the photos of myself in this post exceeded the number 10, and just reached the maximum level of narcissism one blog post can handle, so rest of the points will be text only:

8) I collect beautiful ear-rings. I just love them so much, one can never have enough of them!
9) I consider myself lifestyle lolita. I love visiting castles, old towns and gardens. I love drinking tea. I watch czech and international lolita community every day (well, almost everyday, whenever I am online). And so on...
10) I am not a print collector, unlike many other lolitas. I like simple classical floral patterns the most. I own very few dresses with prints (I think... only three? And two of them are literally just roses and pretty flowers with brand logo, so...)

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  1. And you are one of the most amazing Lolitas that has ever graced the Earth. I love what you have achieved, that you've never given up on your dreams, and that from the start you've been like a bright star that guides other girls to the beauty that is Lolita fashion. XOXO

    1. Oh, thank you so much for such a nice comment. I still feel we have so many very talented lolitas in our community - many times I don't feel like being a star at all :D And that is good, I am glad and grateful for them, because it would be very lonely to be the only lolita who takes the fashion seriously. I am always so happy to see the projects of other lolitas - photoshoots, art, dresses, fashion shows, and so on... the whole community is my big inspiration. (Btw you are one of the amazing talented lolitas as well ;-) ) Thank you!

  2. That fangirl's pink outfit is so cute. She reminds me of Annie from LoL. :D Your first outfit is sweet. Gothic but sweet. :)
    As for 7, I have the same problem with wigs.

    1. Thank you for the nice comment :)
      I am glad there are still many lolitas who prefer natural hair :)