čtvrtek 15. února 2018

#2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

1) When you wear a parasol and your view is framed by lace. 

More answers under the cut!

2) Muff in winter. It looks the cutest with lolita fashion! And it's sooo warm~
3) Floral motives. Be it a floral print or a flower in a form of accessory, I adore flowers so much!
4) A wardrobe full of pretty dresses - it's such a beautiful sight and feeling <3

5) Coordinating clothes. It is fun playing with fashion!
6) Pretty details. That little cuteness you discover only on a second view.
7) Accessories. This makes the fashion so much fun! One can never have enough of them. I am the lolita who doesn't collect dresses, but collect accessories! :D

8) Lolita community. Because fashion is much more fun with friends!
9) Handmade lolita. I love to watch designs and accessories made by other people, there are many creative lolitas in our czech community!
10) Lolita fashion gives you space for own artistic expression. It is a form of beautiful art.

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  1. To je hezké. Miluji deštníčky. Ty zimní chlupatosti jsou taky moc fajn. :D A šaty... to nejde ani vyjádřit. ♥♥♥