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Review of year 2016

Year 2016 brought lot of fantastic memories <3 
And lot of life changes as well...

This one will be a very, very long post with many photos, so look under the cut (^_-)

February - Yuki Matsuri
It was a giant honor to be invited to Vienna by Austrian Lolitas! It felt like a dream coming true. We attended lovely convention Yuki Matsuri, had a wonderful (fantastic! gorgeous!) tea party in museum, and I was happy to meet with Eva (Ergi by Piratessan) for the very first time, and get to know many beautiful austrian lolitas :)

You can read more about it in my article in Sličná Antonie.

April 2016 - meeting otakus from Hodonín! (Odpoledne japonské kultury)
First time in this town <3 The local community is very nice. I still remember the sweet surprise when I got a packages of candies! (*_*) I made few new friends :)

April/May 2016 - Animefest
I don't even know anymore how many time I have been on Animefest... I prepare the program for "Fashion Corner" every year, it's a bit stressful and I will probably run out of new ideas soon XD But I will never give up, the event is fantastic and it gets bigger and bigger every year. But although the stress I always look forward to Animefest every year!

May 2016 - Bridear
It seemed unbelievable that a japanese band had a concert in nearby town! I couldn't miss it! It was some damn good hard metal! :D I totally enjoyed it, it seemed like ages (well, it probably were ages) when I was on a metal concert! I really loved it and even now, their CD is inside my player and I listen to their music often.

You can read more about it in my article in Sličná Antonie: meetup + concert.

July 2016 - Angelic Teaparty with Classy Lady
It was a honour to hold a tea party with Classy Lady. And I am grateful I could have her drawings of angels in my shop for other half a year.

You can read more about it in my article in Sličná Antonie.

August 2016 - the funeral
Since the second half of 2015 my grandmother's health got worse and worse, someone had to be with her everyday, 24/7. I spent a lot of time with her, as well. Although I couldn't do my job at her place, I am grateful I could spend time with her. She was one of the kindest people I knew. She passed away in August, in a high age of 89. She had a beautiful funeral, a lot of people loved her. I am sure she went directly to Heaven.

August 2016 - Svatý Kopeček
Going alone, by feet from Olomouc to the basilica on Holy Hill (Svatý Kopeček) for the first time. I wanted to lit a candle there for my grandma. The long trip gave me a lot of insights. It was beautiful and mind changing.

September - our wedding
I got married to the man whom my heart belongs <3
It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. Special thanks to Monika & Sam who played us a lot of wonderful songs, to Zuzka who organized a program for the party and many giant thanks to Kristýna, who made the most beautiful photos!

September - our first wedding trip
First time in Hradec Králové! It is such gorgeous historical town.
And they even have... a power plant built in art nouveau style (O_o) Wow! Look:

Archangel Michael is now with me every day. He accepted my offer to become his apprentice and envoy and came to me in form of a small statue (which I obtained unplanned during weird circumstances). I know for many people it is just some statue, but for me it means a very strong connection with a spiritual being of the Brightest Light.

September - Nemám Páru
A steampunk event in Brno. It was FANTASTIC! Presentations, shows, friends, great program. I totally loved it! And I met a friend from high school I haven't seen like for... 10 years :D

October - Bring & Buy in Olomouc
I was so stressed from this event. It got much bigger then I expected! But I will set limits next time and it will be better, I promise.
I felt truly honoured that group of lolitas from Vienna arrived, although I am sorry I couldn't spend more time with them (I had to be at the chaotic Bring & Buy all the time).

October - wedding again! <3
My brother-in-law got married! They had such lovely autumn wedding!
And I had the honour to make a wedding dress for the beautiful bride! :)

November - Bring & Buy in Prague
The Cross Club was... wow! I have never seen something like that. I felt like Alice in Stempunk-land. Even now I am completely stunned a place like that exists.

November - Nipponfest / Hangukon
I am happy I could attend Nipponfest again <3 It was wonderful event!
I am happy I met there Yamato & Petr! They are such unique, beautiful people.
And I was surprised to meet so many slovakian Lolitas on Nipponfest! (And wearing such gorgeous outfits on top!) Slovakian Lolita community is not dead yet! :D

(But the travelling to Bratislava and back was... um... "adventurous". The travel should take us 2 hours - it took 7 instead. Don't ask. (>_<))

December - Christmas meetings in Brno & Olomouc
A lovely end of the year.

There were many more nice events (Picnics, Times for tea, Meeting with friends, Sales events) but I picked up the most meaningful only :)

A lot more happened in 2016:
- I stared to write again! It's just some stupid fanfiction, but thanks to it I improved my writing skills a lot.
- I am very proud of our magazine Sličná Antonie, we managed 3 issues this year as planned! Thanks to everyone who participated :)
- We had a wedding in church, and thanks to it we addended a lot of lectures about Marriage, the Bible and the God. I found my way to the Christian faith again.

Although it may seem that the year was a one giant party XD it was not an easy year... some events were quite stressful (the preparations, the travelling...), I took more work than I managed (and still barely paid the bills), I had few bad depressions, I made a lot of mistakes (I am sorry and I'll try to improve), first half of the year I took care of my grandmother (she couldn't even get up alone), and now when the year is to its end, I feel exhausted. There is truly a lot I must change and improve. Being an entrepreneur is hard.
But I never give up!

I will make a completely different approach in 2017, well, we'll see if it gets better! :)

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