pátek 30. prosince 2016

New layout

Finally, I made a nice blog design! (^_^)
Because I want to blog more in 2017! It's one of my resolutions.

Sparkly and magical like a fullmoon light.

For the header, I used a photo from my wedding, taken by my friend Kristýna.
I am holding a sweet candy in a shape of a heart.

Under the cut, I would like to tell you a story about
a heart made of sweetness.

From 23 to 24th December 2015, I had this very special dream.
A vision given to me as a lovely Christmas gift by my fellows from the realm of fairies.
It was very realistic dream, that rare dream which you wake up dazzled from, remembering every detail. That kind of dream you know it is something more: a message from the other world.

I remember visiting this lovely teahouse, cutely decorated in pastel rainbow colours, with tables full of sweets and candies. Fairies with etheral wings were the servers, and every candy had a little magic hidden inside. If you ate some of their sweets, your skin would change colour to pink, or a gorgeous dress would suddenly become your attire. Some candy could give you the power to levitate, and other could make you even invisible!

I was offered a candy in a shape of heart. Very cutely decorated, with a sweet marmelade in the middle. When I took a little bite, it melted on my tongue with the most delicious taste. The fragile biscuit tasted of sweet butter and marmelade tasted of summer strawberries.
The most delicious taste I have ever experienced.

And what was its magic?

It changed my own heart. My heart was made of sweetness now and every moment tasted like delicious miracle.

Even now, a year after, I still try to keep that feeling. 

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