neděle 7. června 2020

Sewing and creating (May 2020)

A little update about what I am working on...

Text and many photos under the cut! ;-)

Right now I am at home with my baby, so a lot of my time is dedicated to caring for my little darling. But anytime it's possible,  I love to create! I really love sewing and creating, it's so fun. Especially now when I can't do it as much as I used to, I really enjoy those moments.

I make all kind of stuff... hairbows, earrings, brooches, skirts, chokers... this month I wanted to give some use to leftover fabric, so I came with few new ideas. And I even had an idea what to do with the tiniest fabric scraps - I use them as cushion fillers :D (It's not soft enough to sleep on, but it's fine for a decorative cushion). Just trying to be "waste free" in my life.

I also joyned online lolita sewing community on Zoom - Otome Sewing Bee. It's really fun, they have many creative ideas. It's a good inspiration plus I earn few new skills (like embroidery...). I am really grateful I could join!

You can buy my products on my e-shop . And on life sale events, where I travel. In May I was at handmade Fler markets in Olomouc. It was such a beautiful sunny day on a beautiful historical town square. And I was happy to see my friends after a long time... it was first event out after the lockdown.

But I sold... just two pairs of earrings the whole day :-( I was working so hard the whole month, even sewing the night before the event, I was looking forward to be selling "life" again... and it was a disapointment. But you know, sometimes event goes well, sometimes does not... there were no students and tourists in Olomouc yet, so that's probably why the event was unlucky. 
I am still grateful for the two people who bought my earrings, and I hope wearing this made-with-love jewellery will bring them a lot of joy :-)

(Oups, I realised how plain my stand looks like on the first sight, I really need to improve that...)

I will continue to work hard, and hope the next event will be better! :-)

And... here's a wallpaper. I wanted to display all the beautiful memories of items that I made.

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