pátek 1. května 2020

Hello, Hello! (March + April 2020)

Don't worry, I am still alive and everything here is ok.

Just with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, I got quite depressed. So I stopped doing many things (including writing a blog), instead I spend almost all my free time playing The Sims and sewing face masks.

If you are interested what I did last two months, read more under the cut :-)

How is the COVID-19 situation in the Czech republic? Quite a lot czech people were skiing in the Italy, so the virus got into Czech repulic in about mid-March. But very very fast, everything got cancelled - all events cancelled, all shops closed (exluding food supermarkets), borders closed, you must wear face masks everywhere (if you go out). You preferably just stay at home and meet no-one, if possible. So thanks to these precausions, the virus spread was not bad, and the health-care system could handle it ok. So overall, the situation here is fine, and this week the shops are re-opening and everything goes slowly back to normal.

I don't mind staying at home. I am an introvert, I work from home, I care for my 8 month old baby, so I stay home quite a lot and it's a good life. But all this situation, the horror stories in news, the uncertainty what will future bring, it made me anxious and sad. But bury deep in anxiety and sadness is definitely not good for anyone, so I started sewing face masks like crazy (in hope that this will somehow help the situation). And playing The Sims, because to close myself in a different reality is always a good hide from anxiety and real word XD

Now, that situation is getting better, I feel better too, so I started to work again (and I didn't touch The Sims for over one week now!). So I will blog again, and hopefully also wear lolita again... although now there aren't many occasions where to wear it... and when I wear petticoat at home, I can't see under my feet, and I don't want to step accidentally on my toddler, which has the ability to show up unexpectedly in random places... :D

What's new in a nutshell:
  • I have a new Instagram - @porcelaindollcz
  • If everything goes well, I will be selling at handmade market in Olomouc 22th May (Dolní Náměstí)
  • But that will be probably the only event in May :-/ So, staying at home and sewing, it is.

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