pátek 10. března 2017

February 2017

February was very short month... it was over so soon!
And I had my birthday in February! :)


3.-5.2. Yuki Matsuri
We went to Vienna! I was happy to meet my austrian lolita friends again :) I met some wonderful artist there - GroovyRoo, Valetta, Erlance! Check their pages ;) And I met these amazing cosplayers of Yuri on Ice! Yay! :D

11.2. OTTeaparty
We had a wonderful valentine tea party! It was like a dream. Everyone looked so wonderful!

13.2. My birthday
I had only a small celebration with closest family. I got a bouquet of roses! If you count them, you will know how old I am ;-) And my husband bought me a beautiful steampunk necklace by Gabrielle Taroka <3 

26.2. J Aliance 13th anniversary
Our otaku group had an anniversary! Layla baked a cake! Yeah, we are all big fans of anime Dragon Ball! :D

On weekends - visits from my friends


theatre show "Past na myši"
A detective story by Agatha Christie. I really liked it, it was very fun! And I have never seen so very full theatre :D


I made many chokers (some will travel soon to the Lolita Collective), few skirts and petticoats!

10x / e-shop
15x / e-shop
2x / e-shop
1x / sold out
2x / e-shop


- I have an EET now! (>_<) But that also means I have a new tablet! :D Yay! XD
- I made a video! Maybe I'll do videos more often :)
- I decided to make a new wardrobe and new style! So far I made a nice wishlist. A little preview:

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