pátek 10. února 2017

January 2017

January was cold and full of snow.
It was the month of "closing the circle" and new beginnings.


14.1. Gothic & Lolita Meetup
To be honest, according the cold weather and only few people who confirmed their attendance, I thought it will be a small meetup with about 6 people... WE WERE ABOUT 25 (not everyone is on the photo). Which was wow, amazing! Photos here :)


20.1. Tea time!
Another of our lovely Fridays with tea. It was fun!

21.1. Friends visit
A lovely visit of my friends from Prague. :)

22.1. Birthday party!
Two of my friends celebrated birthday, so we had a party! Playing Scrabble XD

27.1. Cosplay festival
A cosplay event in a shopping centre Šantovka! So many amazing cosplayer! Plus we had a lovely little lolita meetup there. Photos here!


theatre show "Bio Ráj"
We have a pernament tickets for this season for the theatre in Zlin. I like their shows, the actors are great and talented. But I didn't like this piece that much, it was not bad, but... the ending pretty ruined everything for me XD

anime "Yuri on Ice"
Finally finished this anime, thanks to Hikaru :D I totally loved it, it is a very sweet shounen-ai about figure scaters. Aw <3

museum exhibition "Rustle of angel wings" 
Me, Lady Beáta and Michal were there together. An interesting exhibition of paintings about angels. It was an extraordinary meeting with these mysterious creatures! It's huge, it took us about 2 hours to see everything!

project "Rosebush"
A wall decoration project! Started! But it will take few months to finish... I will make a detailed post once it is done :3

Other projects:
- I was mostly finishing things from 2016 + book-keeping for 2016
- Writing few articles for Sličná Antonie
- I totally need to work harder (>_<) So many projects on my to do list! Resolution for February: WORK HARDER! :D

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