úterý 3. listopadu 2015

3rd issue of Sličná Antonie, lolita fashion magazine

So, today I will have a few words about the magazine we are making!

Dnes Vám povím pár slov o časopise, který vydáváme!

Text under the cut.
Text v detailu článku.

A 3rd issue was published recently, and you can read it online here:
(for English version just change the flag in top right corner)

I am so proud of this project. It's something that really puts our community together, I think. A lot of people are working on every issue of the magazine. It's a child of many czech and slovak lolitas :) I could write here many names, but you can read it yourself in the end of the issue. But I still want to thank especially to Clarissa (Sleeping Beauty designer), who did so much for the magazine.

And the second big thanks goes to Louisa. She did almost all translations to English. Absolutely amazing job, because some articles were very long and artistically written on top. Like the fairy-tale story "The land behind the mirror". She was sitting almost all day in my shop doing the translation. Fun fact, she is half slovak and half canadian, so czech language isn't even her mother tongue. There were many unusual words, it was so fun to watch her face because she looked so shocked all the time - like, what does this word even mean? Second fun fact, even I didn't know it sometimes XD

Another big thanks goes to Rhiannon, the illustrator of the front cover (you can watch her on Deviantart or Facebook). She did the picture especially for Antonie, and it's so beautiful and detailed! Gorgeous work.

And I could go on a on... so many people did a lot for this magazine!
Reina, Mitsu, Viviana, Lady B, Křehká Figurka, and many others.
Everyone in the team is so creative, friendly, inspirational.
Thank you so much :)

(Český překlad vzdávám, už je půl třetí ráno, doplním jej později XD)

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