úterý 11. srpna 2020

Outfits (July 2020)

Very hot day. Going to the town. 
dress: my-lolita-dress.com (lucky pack) + belt: Aliexpress + socks: Aliexpress + shoes: CCC + glasses: New Yorker

A tea-time with friends.
hat: Victorian Catherine + bolero: Classy Lady + dress: handmade + underskirt: Porcelain Doll + blue ring: Monica Otmili

Nice Sunday trip with friends.
shirt: C&A + dress: handmade + shoes: Aliexpress

středa 22. července 2020

Outfits (June 2020)

Just shopping in the mall.
top: Reserved + skirt: Porcelain Doll + tights: Calzedonia + shoes: Aliexpress + belt: Aliexpress

Classy Lady birthsday tea party.
blouse: Tanaka.l + skirt: Porcelain Doll + necklace: Gabrielle Taroka + tights: Calzedonia + shoes: Aliexpress

Fantastické Trhy - a small convention in Ostrava.
blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright + dress: made by my grandma + socks: Calzedonia + shoes: Aliexpress + necklace: Gabrielle Taroka

úterý 16. června 2020

# 9 - 10 things you will never do in lolita

There are definitely ocassions and places not suitable for wearing lolita fashion. BUT, I believe that "everybody can be kawaii" and even when you cannot wear your favourite lolita style, you can always look cute & stylish.

Photo from magazine "Alice Deco a la Mode vol. 2"

1 / I wouldn't sleep in a lolita dress.
But I can wear cute frilly & lacy pajamas!

2 / I wouldn't swim in a lolita dress.
But I can wear some cute swimsuit! Bonus points for a lolita straw hat kombo :-)

3 / I wouldn't go to funeral in OTT lolita outfit.
But it's perfectly ok to wear a tuned-down kuro lolita (all black) look.

4 / I wouldn't wear lolita fashion to a job which requires an uniform.
But I can still wear cute hairstyle / cute accessories / cute nails. 
(All of it, or just some of it, depending on the job, of course.)
I even heard about a lolita girl, who works as a construction worker (she drives a crane I think), and she wears all pink overall for work! :D)

5 / I wouldn't ride a bike in lolita.
I would wear some nice ouji / kodona outfit instead! Yay for pants! :D 

6 / I wouldn't wear lolita fashion (or any beautiful outfit) for an exploration of underground secret corridors. (Where you must go throu narrow spaces and you will probably get dirty.)
But I can put together some cool postapo outfit made of old clothes! :D

7 / I wouldn't wear lolita in bed while I am ill. I mean the situation, where you are in pain and don't care about your messy hair, don't care about makeup, and don't care about any kind of pretty accessories at all.
But I can still watch lolita and kawaii videos on Youtube, while laying ill in bed. 

8 / I wouldn't wear lolita in extremely hot summer.
I can wear lolita in summer, but only to certain celsius degree. When it gets really really hot, I prefer wearing nice light summer dresses (they can still be very cute, with a nice print or pretty lace!). Looking cute with less layers!

9 / I wouldn't wear lolita for sports that need special dresscode and equipment.
Like rock climbing, skiing, etc... however I don't do this at all, I don't enjoy sports in general.
But it's interesting, that some lolitas would still do sport activities in full coord! Check the series "Action Lolita" on FluffyKawaiiJo's youtube channel. It's fun to watch, although I would never do this wearing lolita XD

10 / I wouldn't run (especially not in rocking horse shoes!).
I always say this to myself, I am an elegant lady, right?
...and then I want to catch the bus. And I run. In rocking horse shoes. On bad quality wavy holey sidewalk. And I trip and I fall hard on face on the concrete... while everyone in the bus is watching! Most embarassing behavior. 
But the bus driver was really nice, he waited. And the people in the bus were like: "Are you alright? Is everything ok?" And I am smiling like "I am fine!" feeling stupid with my bloody knees  "I am fine, don't worry!" XD
I always say to myself I will never never ever run for a bus again... and then I do (if I really need to catch it). 
So I am afraid am not a perfect lolita.

neděle 7. června 2020

pondělí 1. června 2020

Outfits (May 2020)

Going to my friend's concert in a tea-house.
(The last event I attended for a long time... )
 blouse: Clockhouse + bolero: Classy Lady + dress: Originl Sin + waistband: Aliexpress

A Sunday look.
skirt: Porcelain Doll + waistband: Aliexpress

Casual Sunday look.
skirt: Porcelain Doll

My outfit for the Flermarket (handmade market in town square) where I was selling.
First event after a long time!
cupcake brooche: Porcelain Doll + bolero: Bodyline + blouse: Clockhouse + skirt: Porcelain Doll + earrings: Porcelain Doll

Another Sunday look.
blouse: Innocent World + dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright + tights: Calzedonia

pátek 1. května 2020

Hello, Hello! (March + April 2020)

Don't worry, I am still alive and everything here is ok.

Just with the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, I got quite depressed. So I stopped doing many things (including writing a blog), instead I spend almost all my free time playing The Sims and sewing face masks.

If you are interested what I did last two months, read more under the cut :-)

pátek 13. března 2020

New wardrobe #3 what shall I buy?

Define new style, so I don't buy unnecessary items.
(Plus few tips for choosing lolita items...)
#2 my current wardrobe (clothes / accessories)
#3 what shall I buy?
Here is my vision board for my lolita style.
(I use my vision boards as a wallpaper, so I see it often, often get reminded.)

pátek 6. března 2020

Outfits (Feb 2020)

A visit of a jewellery fair in nearby town.
skirt: Porcelain Doll + turtle neck: Jožánek + jacket: H&M

Outfit for a clothes swap.
black blouse: Anna House + cardigan: Metamorphose + skirt: Porcelain Doll

Day-long trip to my favourite town.
beret: Orsay + black blouse: Anna House + sweather: Orsay + skirt: Porcelain Doll

Casual outfit for my birthday party with family.
skirt: Porcelain Doll + shirt: Clockhouse

Meeting with friends.
bolero: Bodyline + skirt: Liliet

Outfit for a lolita meet-up.
wig: Bodyline + tea-party hard brooche: Fluffy Tori + cardigan: Orsay + skirt Porcelain Doll

A trip to Brno, drinking good tea and chatting with my friend.
skirt: Porcelain Doll + blue bow: Madame Muffin + boots: CCC

PS: You can follow me on Lookbook ;-)

pátek 28. února 2020

#7 10 people who inspire your lolita style

1 / Yumi Fujiwara. She is the designer of japanese fashion brand Innocent World. For me, she is the most inspirational role model ever. Everything about her is just "wow, I wish I could be like that, too". Her delicate fashion style. Her hard work. Her very elegant behaviour. How she decorates her work place. How she loves to travel through old european towns. She is just magical.
Interview with her:

pátek 21. února 2020

New wardrobe #2 my current wardrobe II

I have a lot of small accessories.
Many of them were gifts (this is the type of gift I always appreciate).
I love making different outfits and accessories are the great finishing touch.
Beauty hides in the little adorable details 
#2 my current wardrobe (clothes / accessories)
#3 what shall I buy? 

pátek 14. února 2020

New wardrobe #2 my current wardrobe I

I have been wearing lolita fashion for about... 14 years now.
You would think I must have an enormous closet, right?
Well, no. Not at all.
#2 my current wardrobe (clothes / accessories)
#3 what shall I buy? 

pátek 7. února 2020

Outfits (Jan 2020)

A trip to Ostrava, meeting with friends.
blouse: Innocent World + dress: handmade + blue cardigan: Reserved

Outfit for an afternoon in church.
blouse: Innocent World + sweather: Orsay + skirt: Porcelain Doll + boots: CCC

Sunday outfit. 
cardigan: Reserved + skirt: Porcelain Doll + boots: CCC

Outfit for Bring&Buy in Olomouc.
blouse: Innocent World + cardigan: Metamorphose + skirt: Porcelain Doll + earrings: Sleeping Beauty

A trip with my husband to the city, shopping and so on...
blouse: innocent world + dress: Infanta

pátek 31. ledna 2020

New wardrobe #1 declutter

Right now I am in situation where I need drastically re-make my wardrobe.
So, welcome to a miniseries of wardrobe-themed articles!
#1 declutter
#2 my current wardrobe
#3 what shall I buy?
My wardrobe after decluttering.

neděle 26. ledna 2020

úterý 21. ledna 2020

Confirmation (Oct 2019)

I made this dress especially for my confirmation ceremony.
I was enjoying that day so much I even forgot to take an outfit photo! (Where I stand alone.)

When a little child is christened, it cannot really believe in God. So later, when he/she becomes an adult (usually around 18 years), there is second, confirmation, ceremony. I didn't believe much in God when I was 18 (at least not in Church), but some paths of my life led me back to the faith in my 30s, so I had my confirmation later in 2019.

If you ask which patron did I pick, it is archangel Michael. And my choice of a quote from the Holy Bible:
"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." 1 John 4,16

čtvrtek 16. ledna 2020

sobota 11. ledna 2020

Review of year 2019

This year was lifechanging.
I closed the lolita shop in Olomouc.
My first baby was born.
I had my confirmation ceremony.