pátek 9. března 2018

#3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

1 / Lacing on the back of the blouse. I usually have to lace it very tight and then the laces are too long and sometimes are even longer than my skirt and I have to tangle it up very well... because it looks terrible when it becomes loose and it's visible under my skirt... I can't even cut it, in case I will sell that blouse later. I hate lacing on the back, that is the most irritating thing. 

More answers under the cut!

2 / Waist ties. If they are detachable, I always wear a dress without them.
3 / When something doesn't fit well. I must have well-fitting clothes, otherwise it makes me irritated and I have to sell it after wearing it just few times, no matter how much I love that item.
4 / Headbands. Because when I wear it whole day, I often get a headache from it :(

The rest of this list I don't really "hate". "Hate" is too strong word.
I prefer to say "this is not my cup of tea".
I like these things on other people, but I don't feel well wearing it myself.

5 / Underknee socks. I don't feel elegant while showing my knees. I prefer either tights or cute ankle socks with lace (in summer).
6 / Headbows. I feel too childish wearing a headbow. From all hair accessories, I like headbows the least.
7 / Rings. I always need to do a lot of things and rings are often in the way. Some are too big, some too heavy, some too loose... In the end I sold all my rings... and kept only my wedding and engangement ring, those are the only two rings I wear.

8 / Lace gloves. It's the same problems like the rings. I just can't have anything on my hands, because I need to use them! XD
9 / OPs. What I like the most about fashion, is combining clothes and playing with style. One Piece dress can't be much changed, and I can find only few variation how to wear one dress. That's why I prefer JSKs and skirts.
10 / Pink color as the main color of a dress. It is too sweet for me. And the classical "dusty pink" which I really love looks bad on me - I am not a good skin type for it.

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