pátek 9. února 2018

Sličná Antonie - 7th issue - Princes

Sličná Antonie is a Czech and Slovak Lolita magazine.
The 7th issue is about princes.

You can read it for free here:
For the English version click on the flag on top right corner.

Under the cut you can read my personal notes for this issue.

This issue should  be originally out in March 2017, instead it was published much later - in February 2018. There is a lot of work behind each issue, and I didn't have time to work on it at all :-( I learned from my mistakes and future issues we will have another main head editor, so I will have less work with it. (Although I will still spend many hours with post-processing and editing HTML of every page.) 

I hope that in 2018 we will get back into the usual schedule and two more issues will be published this year :-) 

I am grateful we have so many talented people in our community and many of them helped with this issue a lot. They don't work only for Antonie, but they have also their personal projects, many of them are artists and designers. Clarissa who makes clothes as Sleeping Beauty wrote many articles and did a lot of corrections. Jaquelin, the designer of slovak brand Lorinoko, did a lot of long and complicated translations. Reina is another very talented person of our editorial staff, who wrote many articles and did a lot of translations. Definitely check her projects: Reina「R.」RinL'Hortensia de la forêt and Bara no Usagi. Our new member, Colourful Gina, makes really cute clothing! She motivated me to finish the issue till the end, and did the last remaining translations. Don't forget to check interesting blogs of Křehká Figurka and Yuki, who write articles for our magazine too. And definitely check the Tumblr of Amai, the promoted artist of this issue (and the cutest prince of czech community :D)). Big thank you goes also to Louisa, Darci, Christmas Fairy and Iri!

Everyone, thank you so so so much, the magazine would never be finished without you!

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