pátek 13. března 2020

New wardrobe #3 what shall I buy?

Define new style, so I don't buy unnecessary items.
(Plus few tips for choosing lolita items...)
#2 my current wardrobe (clothes / accessories)
#3 what shall I buy?
Here is my vision board for my lolita style.
(I use my vision boards as a wallpaper, so I see it often, often get reminded.)

Where and how do I want to wear lolita fashion?
I think this is a good question that every lolita should ask. I mean, if you wear it mostly for meetups / conventions / special events, you want it to be really beautiful, outstanding, special. But if you wear it for everyday (as me), you want it to be mostly practical, easy to wash, comfortable.

One note to add, I am not a dress colector (unlike many other lolitas). What I love about the fashion is making coordinates. So I focus on having a lot of smaller items, than a lot of main pieces.

My new items must be:
easy to mix and match
skirts knee length or longer
many handmade items
shoes on small heel (both elegant & comfy)

I need more of:
cardigans & boleros & vests
socks & tights
berets & flowers for hair arangement

Color palette:
Experimenting with fashion for some years, I realized two things:
Some colors that I like doesn't suit me at all.
(Gray and dusty pink, dusty pastel colors in general.
But this is really different for everyone, each person is a different color type.)
I absolutely love the look of an item in this color.
But when I wear it, I look like a dead zombie, and I don't feel comfortable at all.
Some colors I don't really like in general.
But when I wear it, it suits me so much, plus they are great addition to the coordinate.
(Barbie pink, mustard yellow, many shades of orange.
For me, these vibrant colors are "great additional colors".
I would not feel well wearing barbie pink from head to toe.
But it would look great as pink bolero + pink flower in hair, mixed with some other color.)

Next, I choose which items of which colors I want to buy.
I don't need every item of every color.
For example, I want a lot of white blouses, but no white shoes at all. For shoes I prefer darker colors.
colors for berets
colors for shoes
colors for tights

A little advice about blouses.
For a good lolita wardrobe, you need big variety of blouses.
BUT, I realized one thing.

Before, I thought that it's good to have many different colors of blouses (white, cream, black, red, pink, blue...). So you can mix and match well. But in reality, colourful blouses are really tricky. It's not always the right shade (so you can wear it only with few items), sometimes the color doesn't suit your color type at all (be cautious of the colors that you wear close to your face).

Now, I realized it's better to buy only a lot of white / off-white blouses. But blouses with different type of collar, different type of sleeves. And mix and match them with colorful boleros / cardigans / vests. If you want more variety, you can go for white blouses with colourful lace. This has one really big advantage: you can wear it with almost anything.

Find any kind of JSK and imagine how it would look with those blouses.
Cannot be worn with every blouse vs Looks always good but little different with every blouse.

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